Our Story

Max & Posie is run by me, Lauren. In our home studio based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. You'll find me in there fuelled by coffee & custard creams rewatching a 00s teen drama for the 12th time. Always joined by my trusty four legged sidekick Catemiro who isn't very useful & tends to run off with the yarn. 

I have loved creating from a young age, my Mum was always my biggest fan taking me to our local haberdashery shop to buy fabric to hand sew clothes for my Barbies before buying me my first sewing machine in my teen years. I still feel the same joy going into that same haberdashery shop now over 20 years later. I picked up my love for all things wool when my partner bought me a Harry Potter Knitting Kit for Christmas and the obsession began! 

When people closest to me started having there own little babes I could never quite find the right gift so decided to make them, I loved how I could make them different but perfect for every person. It also helped that teeny tiny babes in hand knitted pieces are the CUTEST

Before long my friends and family were asking me to make pieces for them to gift so while on a girls weekend me and my Sister set up an Instagram page and Max & Posie was born. I have had the pleasure of also working with some local like minded small businesses which fills me with immense pride. 

Until now orders have solely worked through Instagram but as I offer more products moving onto a website was a big and exciting business move for us. 

I am trusted to stitch your stories and to me that is magic. Seeing photos of your babes in my creations fills my heart to the tippy top and I will forever be grateful! 

L x